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Swapnex webinar in Portuguese on 1 December
Dear traders! We are glad to inform you of a webinar in Portuguese that starts in several hours, approximately at 7:30 pm (UTC+0)!
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21.11.2021 currency exchange is added
One more famous cryptocurrency exchange is available on the Swapnex platform. That means one more exchanging direction and provides even more profitable money-making opportunities for trading.
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We translated Swapnex into Russian
We are glad to notify you that today our company website has one more language. This time, by the numerous requests from the clients and partners, we have translated the platform into the Russian language.
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Swapnex is translated into Korean!
Our platform continues improving and becoming more and more suitable for users. This time, we have translated Swapnex into Korean.
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Video message from the Product Director
Swapnex Product Director prepared a short video message. He explained what arbitrage is, how it works, and how our company makes money on such a kind of crypto trading.
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We launched Swapnex in Chinese!
We are happy to inform you that there is one more popular language available on our platform!
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Swapnex is translated into Italian
We are glad to inform you of one more great website update! People worldwide join our community and start trading on Swapnex.
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Swapnex is translated into Spanish
Our client base is increasing day by day. The Swapnex platform is always open for new clients and welcomes people from the whole globe to try our arbitrage trading tools.
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USDT (TRC20 and ERC20) is connected to Swapnex
Swapnex support team has received lots of requests to connect USDT TRC20 and USDT ERC20 to the platform.
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Gate.Io exchange is now on Swapnex!
Today, we have expanded the list of currency exchanges with a popular one — Gate.Io.
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Swapnex is on Twitter
Dear traders! Now you can follow Swapnex on Twitter.
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Swapnex platform launch
Dear traders and partners! We are glad to welcome you to the cutting-edge arbitrage trading platform called Swapnex!
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Swapnex is now on Telegram
We welcome you to join our community on Telegram! We have created a news channel and a chat in Telegram for the users.
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Swapnex presentation!
We are glad to notify you that our designers created a presentation about Swapnex.
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Auto trading system launch
Big trading system update on Swapnex! There is one more arbitrage trading option for our users.
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Four new exchanges added
Today, we have expanded the list of exchanges on the platform.
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Litecoin and Ethereum are now available on the site!
Good news for those who prefer using these two e-wallets currencies to invest in crypto!
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Dogecoin e-wallet is available on our site!
We seek to make our services suitable and easy-in-use for every trader. That's why we decided to add one more widely used payment system, Dogecoin.
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