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The crypto market offers a big deal of currency exchanges where people can trade and earn on differences in rates. However, the prices within particular currency pairs can also differ depending on many factors, such as demand for certain currencies, politics, competition between exchanges, etc. The mentioned and many other factors significantly complicate the trading process and increase the risks involved.

We offer traders to operate at several crypto exchanges due to one smart platform. How can it be? Via Swapnex, our clients can access all the major and widely used trading platforms. Traders can easily buy coins on one platform and sell them on other ones within seconds.

Wide range of trading opportunities
There are more than 10 exchanges on the Swapnex platform. We regularly update and expand the list of the exchanges. You can opt for both manual and automated trading. Open and close orders on different trading platforms on your own, solely relying on your knowledge and background. Or let the AI do all the work for you! Choose a suitable account plan and add upgrades for providing the maximum trading result.
Unique conditions
Official registration
Swapnex PTY LTD is officially registered in Australia. We are headquartered in Syndey. Swapnex has all the necessary permits to be engaged in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading. The company registration number is 646 838 753.
If you want to check the trustworthiness of the attached documentation and make sure of our company’s legality, please click a “Download document” to view our licence and other papers.
Our company is officially registered in Australia
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Terms of Use
Q1 2020
Website functions design
Development of the initial test version of the platform. Design of the Swapnex unique arbitrage trading tools. Development of the account plans and upgrades.
Closed platform testing
Closed testing of the platform’s functions. Making adjustments and solving bugs.
Q1-Q2 2020
Q2-Q3 2020
Opened platform testing
Opened beta-testing of the Swapnex platform with real users and financial operations.
Connected popular E-wallets
We added popular e-wallets to the platform: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum. Clients can use them to make payments and withdraw their earnings.
Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Company foundation and registration
Preparation of all the necessary documents regarded to the company creation and official registration. Start of the Swapnex website development.
Advertising campaign
Swapnex conducts a marketing campaign to attract more clients to the company’s products.
Q2 2021
Q2-Q3 2021
Website launch
The official start of the Swapnex online arbitrage trading platform. The first traders register on the website and open their first orders.
We are on social media
Swapnex opens its official Youtube and Telegram channels, accounts on Facebook and Twitter. There we publish different useful and informative videos for our investors.
Q3 2021
Q3-Q4 2021
New language versions of the Swapnex website
Website localization. We are going to update the website content eventually and translate it into the languages that are popular among the company's traders and partners.
Q4 2021
Swapnex currency exchanger
Development and launch of a cryptocurrency exchanger integrated into the Swapnex platform.
Tools improvements
Updating the company’s technical base, developing new and more effective technologies for arbitrage trading.
Q1-Q2 2022
Q2 2022
Mobile version of the platform
Development of a mobile version of the Swapnex website. The app includes all the website functions and gives traders access to the platform anywhere and anytime.
The increase in trading volume
Creating and improvement of trading strategies, development of new, more profitable auto trading offers, design of the new upgrades.
Q2-Q3 2022
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